Kuumba Health Institute: Stress Mastery

Get ready to join a one-of-a-kind Next Level Mastermind in support of mastering purpose in a stress reducing retreat style environment.

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What will occur in the initial consultation after you apply?

  • You will walk away with a clear assessments of your blocks and a plan on shifting your stumbling blocks for a successful 2018! Start your mastermind experience with clarity and steps to being stress free.
  • Align purpose and freedom in your body and mind with an integrative healing arts approach and mindfulness-based practice. Discover dynamic stress release. Experience a renewal of purpose and plans as your body guides you toward self-care and joy in 2018.

The principles and training modules are accessible and transferable for a range of settings. Additionally, this is an experiential training where your stress reduction and vision to reduce the impacts of environmental stressors will support you to be a more sustainable caring professional. Whether you regularly provide healthcare, educate people of all ages, offer one-on-one or agency wide support, work as an entrepreneur or for a large agency this is for you.

It is a five-part training for a cohort of caring professionals, including those training in the field of health and healing, educational leadership, and/or incorporates socio-emotional learning techniques into their style of education. Caring professionals ranging from students to seasoned professionals are welcome to this next level experience. This is excellent for individuals meeting the increasing demands of their campus or workplace, seeking to increase stress management mastery, while deepening principles of visionary leadership.

In the spirit of fostering full circles of care, your 5-part training series are uniquely molded to address the high demands of contemporary challenges. Practitioners in the fields of nursing, psychology, education, psychiatry, creative arts therapy, and complementary medicine understand the importance of compassionate approaches of care and meaning making with the people they serve. Researchers have proven the effectiveness of mindfulness, visionary leadership, and healing arts. In fact, the expansion of patient centered care and integrative health across the country calls for us to manage our stress while supporting the people we serve, to support health outcomes and academic success. This is the foundation for this training. Together, let us embody wellbeing and visionary leadership, through this Caring Professionals Master-Mind. Additionally, research shows that fostering environments that support diversity and inclusion creates lasting solutions to stress reduction.