What We Do

Infusing practices of well-being which foster visionary leadership, where care comes alive and full circle.

Since 2008, we have been at the forefront of inclusion efforts in support of diversifying teams and supporting healthier ways of relating in our local and global marketplace. Sacred partners with development trainers whom use healing arts as a leadership development practice to larger trainings in innovative ways. Additionally, Sacred offers couples coaching to meet the need of supporting healthier ways of relating, across the board. Partnering for Loving, Leading, & Learning in healthier ways. To date, over 2,000 participants worldwide have participated in Kuumba Health Institute trainings, retreats, and workshops to become powerful leaders who make informed health choices on and off stage.

Kuumba Health Institute is a certified multi service Institute offering exclusive retreat style counseling and training experiences to support you to transform your pain to power, to see and unleash your higher vision of excellence. We specialize in the following services: corporate, campus, individual and couples global Telehealth offerings uniquely framed as “soulcare” with integrative evidence based solutions grounded in cutting edge research, mindfulness, expressive arts, positive psychology, highly effective leadership skills, and mind-body medicine. We reach you where you are to enhance your quality of life to offer you optimal care in luxurious and exemplary ways. Our inclusive and holistic wellness and leadership institute trains and counsels rising students and seasoned caring professionals to reduce stress and thrive. We inspire well-being in order that you may lead life affirming lives personally and professionally. In doing so care comes full circle.

Perks of the unique Kuumba Experience include:

  • Increase your ability to be innovative & to create something new 
  • Think outside the box creatively 
  • Arts helps you meet the demands of home life & leadership
    • Creative problem solving 
    • Develops relationship to your present and transform your past 
    • Decrease burnout & increase retention
    • Support employee work/life balance
    • Supports trust building amongst team members & employee satisfaction 
    • Multi sensory learning
    • Increase a sense of intimacy in relationships
  • Using Play and Performance, and other healing arts, to promote healthy communications & lifestyles 
  • Multi-cultural & Diversely representation of trainer(s)

Kuumba Health’s Professional Memberships Include:

  • National Association of Professional Women- VIP
  • LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
  • Holistic Chamber of Commerce
  • Association of Black Psychologists

We are backed by American Liability Insurance, Inc.