Meet Our Team


Kuumba Health Institute, CEO and Founder's Portrait

Sacred Walker, Founding President and CEO

Founder of Kuumba Health LLC and soulcare therapist. She supports you to shift patterns of pain that prescription medications cannot reach into a renewed story, with divine purpose, love, and joy. Her specialty lies in transforming original sin consciousness- the renewed story & experience that internally &/or communally the ultimate source of Divine Love (the God of your understanding) sees you directly in alignment with the epitome of of that very Divine Love. She supports your improved quality of life, positively impacting your behavior, mental, physical health, and relationship well-being. In doing so your world and ancestral line are richer for authentic you. Sacred is the only coach merging ancestral healing with therapeutic art in support of your increased bliss and in support of particularly female assigned at birth people who experience abdomino-pelvic challenges, for your improved health. Through individual and group counseling, wedding officiation, creative projects, retreats, and train the trainer staff development, she supports your the best you.

Mandara Parashakti Akiwumi at Kuumba Health Institute

Mandara Parashakti Akiwumi, Co-Founder of W.I.L.D.! (Women Inspired to Live and Lead Dynamically)

Mandara means beautiful flower come to earth to change the world. She has a calling that leads her to teach and share Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Therapeutic Touch, Wellness Consulting, Chakra Balancing, Human Development Consulting, and many other healing modalities with joy, laughter and ease. She understands the depth of spirit inherent in human beings and the power that comes when you live from the one mind and shine your light into the world.

Mandara has studied or apprenticed with respected master teachers in a multitude of healing modalities. She has formal degrees in Philosophy, English, and Interfaith Studies from Hunter College, Brooklyn College, and The New Seminary respectively. She is currently completing another Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Walden University.

All of her work is dedicated to the beauty inherent in all beings and the faith of true presence in the face of obstacles.

She can also be reached at

Nina Howes at Kuumba Health Institute

Nina Howes, Volunteer

Nina Howes is a nurse, an activist, and a writer who was born and raised in New York City. Her stories have been published by University of Iowa Press,
and Kaplan Publishing. Her documentary – “Lower East Side Oral Histories” – is published by History Press. Her animal stories are available on and

She loves theatre; has performed and produced off-off Broadway; and her plays have been presented off-off Broadway.

She enjoys leading a workshop “Writing to Heal… Writing to Grow” for people with disabilities and their caregivers.





Pauline Dimaano at Kuumba Health InstitutePauline Dimaano, Executive Support Services Enrollment and Human Resources Specialist

Pauline, is a full-time online freelancer and joined Kuumba Health Institute in 2017. A hands-on visionary with advance technical expertise. Strong skill set in developing, analyzing, and implementing complex network environments. Extensive product knowledge in hardware/software deliverables.

A Registered Nurse by profession. 






Willy Nacional at Kuumba Health Institute

Willy Nacional, Executive Member Engagement & Marketing Specialist

Over the last ten (10) years, Willy handled marketing-related activities to ensure the competitiveness of different services, products/commodity of various brands in the market. Providing support to executives, sales and marketing team has develop his skills in performing statistical analysis, interpreting and evaluating results, preparing reports and/or presentations, and monitoring/collecting research data to assess accuracy, validity, and integrity. 

Willy started at Kuumba Health Institute as an Executive Assistant. When not on the web, Willy is busy running his small stationery store in his local community.